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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Inside ( Langjokull ) Glacier Iceland

An old Russian Missile Carrier will be the transport of choice today to go up and over the Langjokull Glacier
Still see the old army green inside the drivers quarters
For those really rough days of weather but not needed today
Enter if you dare lol
As i looked back it reminded me of the James Bond 007 intros .......maybe there is danger ahead haha
Langjokull is the second largest ice cap in Iceland
Cool ice sculptures to be found inside
We are about 30 meters (100 ft ) below the surface
The tunnels are also used by researchers and students from the University of Iceland to measure ice movements
Langjokull means long glacier
The ice is up to 580m  ( 1,900 ft ) thick
An actual Wedding Chapel inside the meaning of giving your partner a piece of ice for their finger hahaha
I am sure there was some machinery involved these tunnels took 15 months to build
It is the Worlds longest ice tunnel
On my way back down
Winter conditions can happen  instantly 

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  1. I cannot wait to adventure to Iceland! Going inside an Ice Glacier is at the top of my Bucket list! :)