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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Running Diamond Head Volcano

As i sit on Waikiki Beach relaxing, you cant help but notice Diamond Head
volcano (named after British Sailors in the 1800s who thought the calcite crystals in the lava rocks were diamonds) overlooking the island of Oahu and the Pacific Ocean

Now I've been told by the locals that the trail (1.1km) to the rim is manageable for the average person, but when i said  i was going to run it they rolled their eyes...then i added i was tacking on the 4kms from the hotel to the trail just to make things a bit more interesting lol

I leave the next morning early to avoid the heat/tourists and the run to the trail was a non-event, then as you start on the trek to the top your footing consists on everything from volcanic dust, some concrete steps (70+ and 90+) few tunnels and finally a spiral staircase to an old military bunker at the summit with great views of Waikiki and Pearl Harbour. I must admit it was tough and wouldn't recommend to anyone who isn't fit, but the next day back at my favorite watering hole i raised a glass towards one of natures marvels and gave her a toast to presenting me with a another challenge to overcome.

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