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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bondi Beach, Australia

When in Australia one needs to visit the iconic Bondi Beach. Just 8km from city center of Sydney and 1km long, you can feel yourself turning into a 'rebel' (lol) when you walk the bone white sand and talk to the locals who always make you feel like one of them.  As they will tell you back in the day (1950s) they tried to police the dimensions of the bikini and now there is a topless section, also during the Beach Volleyball competition during the 2000 Olympics the purists frowned upon the commercialization of their beloved beach and avoided the events. After do the Bondi to Coogie Beach walk (5km) and as if you need a reason to do a walkabout mate (lol), you'll see everything from rock pools, cliffs, parks and more beautiful beaches. There is something special about  this place and i can see why the Aussies don't want to see it change.

The famous skyline of Sydney near Bondi Beach

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