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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unforgettable Pictures

Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand
Barcelona Spain
Much like this picture being on the road in New Zealand; all these photos are from my travels  which for some reason didnt make its original blog, but are too good not to been seen......enjoy
Part of the Great Barrier Reef in Northeast Australia
Getting ready to ride on the famous canals of Venice
Walking the streets in Seville Spain
Didgeridoo from Australia
Tall Ship Festival in my home port of Halifax Nova Scotia
Aboriginal Art from Australia
From Chicago Mag Mile and an interesting use of Coke Cans lol
A black and white from Australia and a hobby farm that i stayed at in the Outback.......which because of the drought was their source of income to rent out the grounds instead of growing crops
Low tide in Eastern Canada
From Russia
Looking down 6 floors inside the Wellington Arch located at Hyde Park London
On the Charles River in Boston and doing a Duck Tour
Costa Rica and on the grounds of  the Botanical Gardens
A TransAtlantic Ocean liner parked beside us in Grand Turk
From Spain and the love of music
Art from the Caribbean
Quebec City 
The beginnings of what is todays sauna from Asia
Northwest Russia
Costa Rica
Puerto Rico and walking the streets
Sundown over Miami as we leave
Entering New York Harbour and the Manhattan skyline in view 
Ice Sculpture from Boston
Culture from Costa Rica
Peggys Cove Lighthouse in Eastern Canada
On an oasis in Africa
Part of the wrought iron fence surrounding the Kremlin in Moscow
From Eastern Europe
Unique house from northwest Russia
Some of the amazing architecture in the City of Saint Petersburg
Inside the grounds of The Tower of London and built around 1078

Entrance way into the famous Moscow Metro Subway System and capturing the light at the right angle

Found this "odd" chap in London

Russian Riverboats 101

My home for 10 days
The Island of Kizhi which was the most interesting stop
Entering Yaroslavl

The Kalyazin Bell Tower as we near Uglich.  The belfry was built in the late 1790s  but as Stalin ordered the construction of the dam several structures were submerged
My route for this adventure
Lake Ladoga

Lake Onega
Most stops we has some "sister ships' join us.

My latest adventure has led me to Saint Petersburg to Moscow via the riverboat, here is some of the info that will be helpful if deciding to take on this trip. My ship (MS Surikov of the Russian Co. Mosturflot) was very clean and safe but was built in 1974  (has had many upgrades since) so don't go thinking it is a modern day liner as your doing reno's with only so much boat, plus your dealing with rivers and locks so size of the craft needs to be limited to navigate this tight areas. Also the typical riverboat will host approx. 200 passengers plus crew with no extra amenities ie. no swimming pool, fitness center, casino or 24 hr restaurant's, with scheduled eating times, small entertainment and bar area, no TV"s in your room and public internet only at certain times. Finally the rooms would be a challenge for 2 adults given they are the size of a railcar berth, but you need to look past all of this as it has a certain charm to be plying the waters without all that glitter.....which lets face it is just "window dressing"  So lets shove off and get to see parts of Russia only that MS Surikov can take us to

One of eighteen locks we went through to Moscow, and believe me they were not all during the a few restless sleeps