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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

If ever on the west of coast of Canada and in Vancouver area you need to try the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Originally built in 1889 it was made up of hemp ropes and cedar planks ( i might of had second thoughts with that type of construction,  err..... probably not as I'm always looking for an adventure)

and now is a wire cable bridge. What a cool way to walk above the tree line at 70 meters high (230ft) plus crossing the 136 metered bridge (446ft) with the Capilano River below. Great method to take in nature at its best and get over your fear of heights hahahaha!!
Besides the bridge.......many cultural things to observe like the Totem Poles

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  1. Beauty of Nature which cant be made artificially, Awasome