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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Public Gardens, Halifax

Main entrance to the Public Gardens (16 acres) that are located in the heart of Halifax
It is a National Historic Site of Canada
They are a Victorian Era  Public Gardens  and established during the birth date (1867) of Canada
The gardens are open to the public from May till November
Because of the Victorian landscaping style, it is very popular for weddings and prom photo's

Many statues and plaques throughout the park are to commemorate historic military figures and operations during the Victorian Era and early Twentieth Century
Carpet beds  are a Victorian Garden tradition.
The Bandstand.... is used for free public concerts usually on Sunday afternoons
Open from May to November for all to enjoy
Home to over 140 species of trees

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dingle Park in Halifax Nova Scotia

Memorial Tower (1912) was built to commemorate Nova Scotia's achievement of a representative government
Dingle Park ( which means wooded valley) covers 95 acres

One of the many walkways through the park, which was donated to Halifax by one of its many famous citizens....Sir Sandford Fleming

Besides the ocean water, the park has many freshwater ponds through out the park.
Among many achievements Sir Sandford Fleming achieved, he is the inventor of Standard Time Zones and designed the first Canadian Postage Stamp
10 floors up inside the Tower looking out into the inlet from the Atlantic Ocean.....Northwest Arm
Fall showing off its colors in the park that was given to the people of Halifax in 1908
Spiral staircase will take you to the top, plus there are plaques that line the interior walls from other countries with
connections to the British Parliament
The entrance to the park that is located withing the city of Halifax

Thursday, October 17, 2013

London England

The original Chinatown  was located in the east end of London but because of the aerial bombing during the Second World War it was extensively damaged.  Then during 1970's  the next generation started to set up shop in the SoHo area which now includes 80 restaurants and many businesses 
London architectural is of many styles........mostly because the city accumulated many buildings over a long period of time from before the Great Fire of 1666 to present day
Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
Can anything else say more British than a red telephone box.  They were painted this color to make them easy to spot and are still in the streets here and also in some of the former British colonies of  Bermuda, Malta and Gibraltar 
The iconic double decker bus 
The Hackney Carriage or  Black Cab ......chances are you will see one as there are over 21,000 of them on the streets
History in London goes back to Roman times 
London is an amazing cultural capital and is the most visited city in the world 

The London Bridge spans the River Thames and  this is the latest edition that was opened in 1974 
Walking the city is hard work.......stopping in for a few adult beverages lol
Standing On Guard at the Tower of London
Houses of Parliament 
Knocking on some doors downtown hahaha
Opening in 1901 the 700 seat Apollo Theatre  has been the site of many cultural events  
In the South Kensington area of London
Inside the Tower of London
Looking down from the inside of  Wellington Arch located in Hyde Park and at one time home to a police station on its bottom floor
Some of the horse armour dating back to the 1500's
Hard to believe people actually still wear these things 
The gates at Buckingham House
With over 5000 seats.... seen a great concert at the Royal Albert 

The inner workings of the London Bridge
One of the many gates of Buckingham Palace which is the residence of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom
I am sure the guards were reading this sign when under attack hahahahha
Not Big Ben but an impressive timepiece none the less
The outer walls of  the Tower of London
Looking up the arch of St Paul's Cathedral  that was built in 1675
Taking in some theater at Leicester Square and a tribute to the rock band Queen.  Look for kiosks with sameday specials as there are many matinee performances