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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Catalina Island, California

Avalon was celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2013
Very much like visiting a Mediterranean Island

Some of the unspoiled wilderness on the island

The crystal clear waters of Santa Catalina
Some of the natural beauty on the island
A stairway to heaven perhaps lol
The island has been home to many Hollywood Films over the years
Just located 22 miles off the California Coast, (1 hour high speed ferry ride) Santa Catalina Island seems like a world apart from the hectic frenzy of cities like San Diego and Los Angeles
A refreshing fact......because so few cars are allowed here, there isn't one traffic light on the island and are more inclined to see a golf cart as a mode of transportation
Because of its isolation of thousands of years, Catalina Island has created a unique animal, plant and archaeological resource found nowhere else on earth
The island has had its "dark" past as it was home to smugglers, poachers, squatters and even Union Soldiers
Did you know that William Wrigley Jr. ( yes of the chewing gum family) bought the island in 1919 to promote the island as a vacation spot and even brought his Chicago Cubs here for Spring Training
Aerial view of the bay
 Mediterranean type charm of Avalon with a population of under 4,000 citizens
In 1975 the Santa Catalina Conservancy acquired over 85% of the island..... protecting it from further development and for us visitors to enjoy it beauty
The most recognizable sight is the Casino ( Italian for gathering place) which opened in 1929 and despite its name it isn't a gambling house but a circular ballroom.

Chimes Tower