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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Sailing into San Juan 
Puerto Rico is a US Territory located in the Caribbean 
Hurricane Season is from June to November so think of that when planning a visit to here
Old San Juan
Population of around 3.4 million citizens of an area of 3,500 sq miles 
Part of the Citadel know as Morro Castle 
Juan Ponce de Leon founded the original settlement in 1508
Inside the impressive fort
Walking the streets and viewing history everywhere 
Part of the moat system surrounding the fort
Puerto Rico means Rich or Good Port
In time the fort became part of a US post called Fort Brooke in the early 20th century.  In front of the structure the green space was used for baseball diamonds, hospitals, officers club.......even a golf course  
The cobblestone streets of San Juan came from the visting ships ballast......which then they used silver to replace the weight for the return trip across the ocean
The last action the fort seen was during the Spanish American War in 1898
To bring back the Old Town from disrepair the banks provided low interest loans to remodelers and the government gave tax exemptions 
San Juan is known as La Ciudad Amurallada or The Walled City 
The outer walls of the massive 16th century fort
The City has over 400 restored 16th century Spanish colonial buildings 
I seem to find at least one odd thing during my walkabouts lol
San Juan National Historic Site was established in 1949 to preserve the historic buildings
San Juan is the most visited spot in the Caribbean 
A good look at the 12.8 meter ( 42 feet ) walls that surround Old San Juan
The area was declared a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1983
San Juan is the oldest city under US jurisdiction 
In 1961 El Morro was officially retired and it then became part of the National Park Service for all of us to enjoy