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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Inside the Volcano ( Thrihnukagigur ) in Iceland

Things do grow even in these harsh conditions
The 1.5 km walk to the base camp begins
Iceland averages  an volcanic eruption every 3 to 4 years  because of the Eurasian and North American plates meeting here
The awesomeness of nature
The rocks (because they are porous)  act like a filtration system  for the drinking water of the City of Reykjavik 
The lava fields during our trek

Thrihnukagigur translated means Three Peaks Crater
The Base Camp that was airlifted by helicopter as no motorized vehicles are allowed on the grounds
The last 100m or 350 feet of elevation
An open elevator system will take us down 120 meters ( 380 feet )
It is only 4C or 37F once we got to the floor
Usually the magma chamber closes itself with cold hard lava.......but Thrihnukagigur  is a rare exception where the hot fluid has drained out

Thrihnukagigur last erupted 4000 years ago
Cool use of a flood light
For a video go to

My ride is coming ......then back to the real world lol
Local rock band Kaleo filmed a music video inside the volcano and the song is called Way Down We Go and is on YouTube
The footing is very rocky and wet on the needs to be careful

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