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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bushwalking Fraser Island

One option to get to Fraser Island 

Sand is everywhere and makes the walking very difficult 

One of the coolest places I've be able to visit is Fraser Island off the east coast of Australia (named after Eliza Fraser who was a shipwrecked survivor after hitting the reefs north of the island, then making her way to at the time...Great Sandy Island)  It is one of those miracles of nature how it has become the World's largest sand island (1840kms/710miles) with its ancient rainforests, mighty sand
dunes, pristine freshwater lakes (over 100) endless white sands including Seventy Mile Beach, also an abundance of birds, free roaming wildlife such as Wallabies, Possums, Flying Foxes and of course the last place on our planet with pure Dingoes. Finally an offshore with Humpback Whales in the protected waters of Hervey
Bay, so how is this all possible?...well the
sand was carried here by strong offshore current and because of the volcanic rock it got trapped, plus of the naturally occurring mycorrhizal fungi in this sand it provides the necessary nutrients for plant life and to start the cycle of life.  So what better way to see nature than going for a hike, ( Bushwalking in Australia Mate) now for the adventurous types there  is a 90kms Fraser Island Great Walk but because of time issues Ive opted on the Kingsfisher Bay ( ferry drop off point) to Lake McKenzie which is a 23km return trek. Like any journey there are some planning and rules to follow specially because mobile phone coverage here is limited so help could be hours lets be smart about it. A) Sturdy/Comfortable boots or shoes are a must as there are some sections that include soft sand which makes the walking slow and tiring. B) The weather can change in a hurry so bring rain gear and warm clothes. C) Carry your own drinking water and First Aid Kit.  D)  Have a compass and know how to use it (lol)   Now because Fraser Island is a Natural Treasure here are some additional guidelines to follow;  A) Its an offense to remove anything living or dead from the area. B) Stay on marked trails as shortcuts create erosion issues plus you might get lost. C) Do not use detergents, toothpaste or soaps in the waterways ( creeks & lakes) and also limit the amount of sunscreen on you before going in for a swim. D) Wash your dishes or yourself at least 50 meters away from the waterways. E) Use only a fuel stove. F) Use only toilets in camping areas. G) Hard to believe i would have to mention this one...bring all your rubbish out with you and dispose of it properly. H) Finally be Dingo safe....don't be stupid and try to feed them, they are wild animals. Also don't leave anything around in your tents, store all food in storage lockers located in the campgrounds, walk in groups and again dispose of your food scraps/garbage properly. There it is folks, for all to enjoy a place that will leave you a mindful of amazing memories.

Rubber traction mats are everywhere for the those you dare to drive on Fraser Island 

Heading back to Australia

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