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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seville Spain

Walking the streets of Seville

Plaza de Espana
General Archive of the Indies
Inside the Alcazar Palace
Torre del Oro
As i visit one of my favorite country's in Europe i was told to make sure to see Seville and i wouldn't  be disappointed......they were more that right!  You have three UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in a small radius; A) Alcazar Palace Complex in which construction stared in 1181 with a Mudejar and Renaissance style over the 500 years to build it  B) The Cathedral erected in the Gothic style in the 1400's  C) General Archive of the Indies ( its  is a repository for valuable documents) built in the style of the Spanish Renaissance but also the Plaza de Espana, Maria Luisa Park, Metropol Parasol, Torre del Oro and Triana Bridge and so on
Triana Bridge

 But what really impressed me was how the city is lit up at night that really highlights the architecture and of course having a subtropical climate year round helps to keep the cafes and bars busy and as you walk around in awe then feed off the energy from the lucky locals lucky enough to live here or like myself that is fortunate enough to been able to visit
Palace Gardens
Plaza de Espana  Bridge

Maria Luisa Park
Plaza de Espana
Metropol Parasol

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

If ever on the west of coast of Canada and in Vancouver area you need to try the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Originally built in 1889 it was made up of hemp ropes and cedar planks ( i might of had second thoughts with that type of construction,  err..... probably not as I'm always looking for an adventure)

and now is a wire cable bridge. What a cool way to walk above the tree line at 70 meters high (230ft) plus crossing the 136 metered bridge (446ft) with the Capilano River below. Great method to take in nature at its best and get over your fear of heights hahahaha!!
Besides the bridge.......many cultural things to observe like the Totem Poles

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pancake Rocks of New Zealand

As i walk off the ferry from the North to the South Island of New Zealand (KeyTip:  When traveling by car rental here in Kiwi Land,  plan it so you drop off your vehicle and pickup another on the other side of the Cook Strait.... this is so you don't incur transport fees for your auto) plus of course talking to some of the locals on the boat, they suggested i visit a town called Punakaiki on west side and home of the Pancake Rocks.....i wasn't disappointed. Wow what an awesome display of nature and how it formed (over time) the Pancake Rocks, it was limestone which was under immense pressure of hard and soft layers of marine creatures/plant sediments to form this wonder. Also another unique feature is the blow holes during high tides, its how the water from the sea has forced itself through the limestone in-land and then bursts vertical to put on a amazing display of power. So if ever Down Under, put this small town of Punakaiki on your list of big things to see and do.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bondi Beach, Australia

When in Australia one needs to visit the iconic Bondi Beach. Just 8km from city center of Sydney and 1km long, you can feel yourself turning into a 'rebel' (lol) when you walk the bone white sand and talk to the locals who always make you feel like one of them.  As they will tell you back in the day (1950s) they tried to police the dimensions of the bikini and now there is a topless section, also during the Beach Volleyball competition during the 2000 Olympics the purists frowned upon the commercialization of their beloved beach and avoided the events. After do the Bondi to Coogie Beach walk (5km) and as if you need a reason to do a walkabout mate (lol), you'll see everything from rock pools, cliffs, parks and more beautiful beaches. There is something special about  this place and i can see why the Aussies don't want to see it change.

The famous skyline of Sydney near Bondi Beach

High Line Trail, Manhattan NYC

Able to look over the city because of the elevated rail line gives you some great views

Interesting use of the rails and a place to hang out lol

What a great example when people put their minds/thoughts together and came up with a way to recycle an eye-sore, i am talking about the High Line (30ty Street) in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Once an elevated rail line built originally in the 1930s (to transport many types of manufactured goods and livestock) it was to avoid over 100 street crossings in the name of safety and traffic congestion and it finally was closed two decades later when the trucking industry reduced the need. This Urban Greenway is now a vibrant part of the city where over one mile you can take in great views of the Hudson River and their city below. Also see 200+ plant species, cool wooden lounge chairs with railtrack wheels, cafes and neat buildings that have been built or retroed along the line,  just an overall refreshing experience....well done New York City.

Some of the street art along the trail