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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bolingbroke & Tattershall Castles of England

Back view of the castle

As i arrive at Heathrow airport i am really looking forward to get in my rental and head up onto the motorway and travel north from London (190 miles) to a town called Spilsby in Lincolnshire County. Here i will explore the remains of two castles (Bolingbroke and Tattershall) with all the interesting stories that comes with its history. First up is Tattershall, which dates back to the mid fifteenth century and is a fine example of one of the most important brick castles of that many you ask? How is 700,000 to build Lord Cromwell's Castle, unfortunately all that remains is the Great Tower (130ft) and moat, but still most impressive.  With Boilingbroke it was a different configuration, its was known as a Uniform Castle that was built without a keep ( which is fortified towers built within the castle walls) instead it had 16ft thick walls and a 100ft wide moat to protect itself. But as in time with most castles the invading armies conquer and destroy the structures so no one else could use it, but with Boilingbroke the site was excavated during the 1960s and 70s and a Heritage Trust  has brought back to life the lower walls and ground floors.

So now with the remains of this castle it hosts numerous events including outdoor theater which to me is so ironic as its been the site of so many real life dramas from the past.

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