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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Golden Circle in Iceland

The Golden Circle is a popular touring route located in the southern part of Iceland covering around 300 kms ( 190 miles )
You might think Iceland is barren but nature always finds a way 
Inside Thingvellir National Park
The Gullfoss Waterfalls ( Golden Falls )
The park became a World Heritage Site in 2004
Water falls into a crevice that is 32 meters deep ( 105 feet )
Thingvellir became a National Park in 1928
Geysir does not erupt very often anymore but below Strokkur spouts every 5 to 10 minutes 
Yes geysers are hot.......had to remind a stupid tourist with his selfie stick who was standing over the opening lol
Haukadalur is the name of the valley where all this geothermal activity is 
I am thinking the sulfur in the air ( very noticeable )  has changed the color of this birch tree
Back on the road to see more awesomeness of  Iceland 
Iceland has 5 major geothermal plants  which meets the heating and hot water needs of approximately  85% of all buildings

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