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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Camel Trekking

On our way to the Berber Village via the backroads onto the desert with my friends from France
After i got back to my hotel from my trek noticed a stinger in my face, pulled it out and it started to swell. What to do in northwest Africa with this situation you ask, go downstairs to the bar and order two glasses of for the wound and the other down my throat hahahhaha
Waiting for our tea and bread from our Berber hosts
My ride is not liking the fact it is time for me to go and hop on again lol
Heading back

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Long Beach California

Long Beach and its most famous guest

Long Beach is the seventh largest city in California

Besides the Port of Long Beach being the second busiest in the United States,  many tourists pass through the city because of  it being only 35 km ( 22 miles) from Los Angeles 
A view of downtown and a population of just over 400,000
Thinking about the next days adventure to Catalina Long Beach is the jump on point for the ferry service
Some of the boardwalk that seems to go on forever

Christmas time on the west coast with warm temperatures.......and loving it 
The locals say some of the best sunsets occur in Long Beach 
The B-427 Scorpion was a diesel electric attack submarine of the Soviet Union used in the Pacific Ocean. Its was first bought by some Australian businessmen  and eventually was relocated to Long Beach  from Sydney Australia on a heavy lift ship
The Long Beach Yacht Club is private and was founded in 1929
A little nature as i explore the area

The Queen Mary sailed her maiden voyage in 1936 and primarily was used in the North Atlantic route. During WW11 she was used to ferry troops during the war  and then  after was refitted for passenger service again, until retiring in 1967 in Long Beach where she remains permanently moored . The Queen Mary now serves as a tourist attraction, museum and a hotel 

I just thought it looked different.......and i like that lol

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Balboa Park and The San Diego Zoo

I am not a big fan of zoo's........ but the San Diego Zoo was a pioneer in the open air, cageless exhibits  that re-create natural animal habitats
Because of San Diego's mild Mediterranean climate  there are over 1 million plants located here on 1,900 acres of park land
The horticulturists, arborists and gardeners employed here have become experts in creating natural habitats for the exotic animals located within the park
Zen Gardens with its winding paths for meditation
There are Asian, African and Australian rainforests built here
Over 30 species are represented here from the Arctic...... looks like they are enjoying their 130,000 gallon  pool!

The park also acts as a rescue center for rare and endangered plants
There are a variety of bamboo species to keep the pandas healthy
The zoo opened in 1915

The gardens is often a resource for scientists who come to the grounds to do research 
People do care.........over 250,000 memberships will attest to this 
Japanese artwork located within the Ceremonial Gate
Well certainly not this guy haha......but there has been some escapees over the years, an orangutan because of his many escapes was nicknamed "The Hairy Houdini"
Many universities and other botanical gardens use the knowledge from the experienced staff here
Art from the Japanese Friendship Garden that originated as a teahouse in 1915 
Over 650 species and subspecies to be found 

Part of the entrance into Balboa Park 

Inside the botanical gardens

Over 3,700 animals located within the zoo
Koi Pond