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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Black and White Stories Part Six

Tall Ship in the South Pacific
Kizhi Island  which is a UNESCO Heritage Site
Miami Skyline
Caribbean Art
Sailing into New York Harbor
A look of a jail cell inside Alcatraz Prison 
Cook Islands in the South Pacific
Madrid Spain
Tall Ship Festival and a foggy day in Nova Scotia
The Colosseum  in Rome.....and what is left to the floor

Black and White Stories Part Five

Having lunch lol.........Universal Studios in California
Seinfeld Reality Tour in New York City........Giddy Up!
Wellington New Zealand
Grand Canyon from a Helicopter 
Art from Costa Rica
Inside Morro Fort in Puerto Rico
Walking to Somewhere lol
Street Art from Cuba
Fort exploring in Bermuda
Found this mural in Grand Turk Island 
Avila Spain
Cleveland Ohio
On the road in Austria
Aerial view of Sydney Australia
On my way to the top in the South Island of New Zealand
Abandoned Home.........on my to Key West Florida
Lighthouse in Eastern Canada

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Black and White Stories Part Four

Now that was a boat ride lol
Dye Pits in Marrakesh
Grotto exploring in Bermuda
Public Gardens in my City of Halifax
Quebec City
Western Africa 
Inside looking outside from Russia
Log cabin in Northern Canada
Walking the streets of Rome and looking up 
Stanley Park in Vancouver 
Castle exploring in Northern England
Sign for Peace carved in rock from Europe
Found on a Bus Shelter in Western Asia........always carry your camera, as you just never know when an interesting photo  might appear lol
Berber Market outside Marrakech
Northern Italy
Going underground in Spain

Kite Surfing in Nova Scotia
Art from the Islands
Eastern United States